Want your own poles? Shop n Drop SAVES YOU MONEY!

Hello there!
Many of you now have graduated or are about to, and talk is of poles! Some of you prefer Leki, others Gabel and a few of you already have your own poles and note the very worthy benefits of ‘going carbon’. Whilst we always provide poles on ALL our walks, as with any sport, having a few key items of kit (we are loving our gaiters on these muddy walks at the moment) can help keep us motivated and make our workout/walk so much more enjoyable (how about flashing disco ball paws for a night walk?) So, if you are thinking about getting more Nordic and utilising your 10% discount, have a look at our NWUK Online Store or talk to one of the lovely team who will be happy to help. You can then benefit from using our very own Shop n Drop scheme to save you a furthur £5 in p&p.

What is Shop n Drop?

Nordic Walking UK is the largest retailer of specific NORDIC WALKING POLES and ACCESSORIES in the world. Run by Nordic walkers and with a network of independent Instructors across the UK – we can provide unbeatable advice, service and discounts.
Many NWUK Instructors and Community projects now operate the innovative NWUK SHOP N DROP concept which means their clients save on postage and we collectively help to save the planet too!

How does it work?

The concept was born when the NWUK team noticed that following tuition courses in certain areas, there was a rush of orders for poles from those looking to join regular walks and have their own pair.  This is not a must as instructors provide poles, but many people love to have their own kit. It did not sit well with the team that often several separate parcels were leaving the depot and going to the same town in the same week. Not only did this mean each individual was paying postage costs and had to arrange to be in for collection BUT it meant more cardboard for packaging and more miles travelled by delivery vans. Whilst we appreciate that today’s market for internet shopping does have an environmental impact , we felt that we could minimise this by coming up with a strategy that combined parcels so …. welcome to SHOP n DROP!
It’s simple! The Instructor or project arranges for a box to be delivered to them on a pre set date. Our retail team then add this to the postage options in the on line store via a drop down menu and the customer can select to have their products added to the group parcel! Inspired!

What’s the catch?

No catch! The customer saves £5 on post and packaging costs and does not have to stay in to receive the parcel, we save on packaging and there are less courier miles too! Instructors also report that it creates a buzz when the parcels arrive and they distribute the items before their classes. Sam Armstrong from Derbyshire says ” I feel like Santa handing out presents, my clients love getting their new poles and equipment. As I also deliver the FREEDOM programme, my clients gain free membership of NWUK which saves them a further 10% too. They sometimes save up to £15 by ordering this way and I can help them to set up the poles when they arrive too.

Gain more discounts

NWUK MD Mike Rollason says ” We believe in customer service and by delivering the poles via the Instructor network it helps us to provide both discounts and support that you simply can not get from the bargain basement retailers”

Norfolk Nordic Walking Shop n Drop date for your diary

So you have your Freedom Code and can save 10% at the NWUK Online Store.  Have a look at what you would like to buy, be it poles, shoes, accessories and/or generally brilliant NW kit!  Purple power rules!  Shop online or order by phone (0333 1234540) but when it comes to delivery options pick from the drop down menu that your item/s will go into the Norwich parcel (and delivered to Rebecca). Place your orders by 31st January.

When will I get my item/s?

Items will arrive in Norwich on 2nd February and then ready for distribution!  Christmas will be upon us AGAIN. You could collect them on Saturday 3rd February on the Adventure Walk.  That way, you get your walk and get your goodies!  Alternatively, you can collect them at your next Nordic walk the following week.

What if I miss this order?

Fear not!  There will be another Shop n Drop date for your calendars in mid February and dates throughout 2018…

Updated: January 17, 2018 — 4:58 pm