The 13.1-mile or 21-kilometer half-marathon distance is a good challenge for walkers and runners alike.  Training should be done by steadily building up your walking distance over a period of three to four months. Here is our Norfolk Nordic Walking training schedule if you want to get ready to go the distance.


This event (Positive Steps North Norfolk Coastal Half Marathon 2018) is small and well-supported and encourages not just runners but also walkers who will take it at a slower pace than that of the runners. It is a Walker-Friendly Half-Marathon.  We start at 10.30am and aim to walk a steady average of 3mph with hourly small hydration/snack breaks. The course is fairly flat and follows the coastal path from Burnham Overy Staithe via Holkham (not on the beach) to Wells.  We then walk along the historic quay (no stops for chips yet!) and hit the Coastal Path again.  We stay on it through Stiffkey and along to Morston – where we finish.  Approx finish time: 3pm

Build Your Base Mileage First 

First step is to ensure you can comfortably walk 3 miles every other day by June 10th.  Our training programme really kicks off on 10th June and will take us through to 22nd September but ensuring you are fit to start it is essential.

Prerequisites for the Half-Marathon Mileage-Building Schedule

Before you start this schedule, you need to meet these requirements:

  • You must be able to walk comfortably for 4 miles on your long day and for 3 miles three days a week.
  • You must be able to commit to one long day per week, from 2 to 4 hours. 


  • THREE 3 to 4 mile walks each week. You can mix up the kind of walk you enjoy to build both speed and endurance on these walks. E.g Monday Kickstart / Tuesday Evening Walk / Thursday Step Up at Caistor St Edmund
  • THREE days off.  (You can enjoy easy strolls or other gentle fitness activities but nothing too strenuous!)
  • ONE LONG WALK PER WEEK / Saturday: Mileage building day with a long slow distance walk. This is a key part of the training plan as you will be giving your body the distance challenge it needs.
  • You may vary the exact days of the week you do each type of workout – and you may mix up Nordic with non-Nordic walking. You may choose to walk twice with us and twice on your own.  That’s fine!  However we do suggest you always try to join the LONG WALK as that way we can benefit from ‘team spirit’.
  • Our longest training day will be three weeks before the half-marathon, then we begin to taper mileage. Tapering gives your body time to fully develop new muscle and have full energy stores for our half marathon.


Our half marathon training steadily increases the long distance walk each week  This longer walk builds endurance and the blood supply and energy systems for your muscles. You also need a long distance walk each week to toughen your feet to prevent blisters and to give you experience in practicing proper hydration and energy snacking during a long walk. It will also develop the mental stamina you will need for an endurance walk.


These walks will usually start at 10am on Saturdays.  On some walks, there will be a shorter and longer option so that non-marathon walkers who want to walk a shorter distance can join us for half the walk and not miss out on Saturday walking. It is advisable to book up as many of these walks as possible so you have them in your diaries and also so you reserve your place.  They build on mileage each week:

2nd June 4 miles (non stop walk of your choice)

10th June (Sunday)  5 miles Eaton to Earlham Across the Parks

16th June 6 miles Reepham to Salle Circular

23rd June 7 miles SEVEN SMILES (non stop walk of your choice)

30th June 7 miles Buxton to Brampton Meadow and Pastures (2 x 3.5miles)

7thJuly 7 miles Blofield to Brundal Broads and Churches (2 x 3.5miles)

14th July 7 miles Salhouse Trains and Tracks

21st July 8.5 miles Sheringham – Cley Coastal Adventure (JOINED BY NW TAMESIDE WALKERS)*

28th July 9 miles Dunston Common Ruins and Views (2 x 4.5miles)

4th Aug 10 miles Marston Marshes to Keswick (2 x 5 miles)

11th Aug 8 miles Mulbarton Tas Valley Trail (2 x 4 miles)

18th Aug 9 miles North Burlingham / South Walsham Circular

25th Aug 8 mies Yare Valley Adventure (5 miles + 3 miles)

1 Sept 12 miles Wherryman’s Way from Bramerton (6 miles x 2)*

8th Sept 6 miles Roaming the Boudicca Way!

15th Sept 6 miles Whitlingham Woods and Trowse trails

22nd Sept 13 miles THE BIG DAY IS HERE !!!

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WALKS for terrain and distance experience 

What do I do now?

If you want to walk a half marathon, you will need to follow this plan.  By training together, we can encourage each other and build up team spirit so that on the day itself, you will enjoy the route, feel confident you can do it and have fun too!  Try to book in at least TWO Nordic walks each week from June – September and put them in your diaries. The LONG walks are vital.  If you cannot make one, you will need to compensate by walking the distance yourself.  Missing ‘chunks’ of training will result in you not keeping up as the rest of the team get stronger and walk longer.

Keeping realistic 

REMEMBER:  you need to walk THREE 3- 4 milers a week PLUS a weekly long walk too during the training weeks. Committing to the programme is A Must, not just for yourself but also for the other members of the team too.  If the training becomes too much and you are not keeping up with it, we need to be realistic about whether this is the right event for you at this time.

As the saying goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’  


Updated: May 18, 2018 — 6:24 am