1. Enjoy it and understand your ‘why’

This may sound obvious, but if you take pleasure in an exercise you’re much more likely to keep doing it. You also need to find your ‘why’ – the reason why you’re doing this . Get a buzz from the science behind what you are doing so you’re not just ‘going through the motions’. 


2. In it ‘together’

Exercising with others will improve motivation and make sessions infinitely more fun, so joining people with similar goals means you’ll help each other towards being fabulously fit. Plus if there’s a group waiting for you you’re much less inclined to cancel – even when the weather is miserable.   “We’re all in it together,” is our NNW mantra when the the rain is lashing…and believe it or not, we love those sessions once we get going!

3. Nordic exploring AND talking…

Nordic walking is not only a GREAT all-over body exercise (think outdoor cardiovascular machine) BUT ALSO you are guaranteed to meet some great people on the way whilst enjoying our ‘pick and mix’ schedule in wonderful weekly walk locations.   Throw in laughter, banter and the odd cake-bake after walks … now we’re Nordic talking too…

4. The future is closer than you think

We all want to be healthy and mobile as we age but your body is an engine that needs servicing. If you’re feeling unfit don’t feel guilty for where you are now, just acknowledge your fitness level and recognise your personal responsibility to maintain your body from this moment forward. No-one will do this for you. Look at our NNW Weekly Schedule and pick a walk / Zoom that’s right for you NOW and work up…

5. Challenge yourself

Start slowly and as you feel fitter, you can push yourself harder. If you suddenly feel a wave of motivation wash over you (yay!) why not cement it in by trying out a faster / brisker walk OR training for an event like a 5k or a half marathon.  Remember, small acorns grow into big oak trees.

Updated: September 15, 2021 — 6:45 am