Spring is putting a Zing in our step!

So January draws to a close and the mornings are most definitely getting brighter. By the end of February, sunrise will be at 6.48am and sunset at 5.39pm. According to Countryfile, there are a few tell-tale signs that Spring is on her way when snowdrops start popping up in abundance. Birds will soon wake us all up again with their Dawn Chorus (do they then all go back to sleep after it I always wonder?) and we may spot buzzards sky dancing from late January onwards.
There are so many reasons to get out and about Nordic Walking and it is always great to hear your favourites! Exploring new routes, not having to map read, appreciating nature, making new friends, diving into a cafe for tea after a walk and meeting a whole lot of dogs and their walkers are just some of the things we love about being out and about with our poles. Other key motivators include:

Exercising Outside – boosts your mood and the fab scenery keeps you focused!
Turns you Walk into A Workout – using Nordic walking poles using up to 40% more calories
Its a great brain workout! Using arms and legs and poles and having to co-ordinate them all is not easy and is a great exercise for your brain as well as your body! Learning new skills keeps us young too!
Posture! Learn to release your shoulders, straighten and lengthen your spine and improve your core muscles.
Easy on joints/injuries. Nordic Walking poles take pressure off your lower body.
Uses up to 90% of your muscles, including arms, back, shoulders and turns your walk into a workout!
Using the poles uses both sides of your body & both sides of your brain improving balance and co-ordination.
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. An activity for everyone to enjoy..
NHS guidelines suggest that we do 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. Make that Nordic and time flies!
It’s F U N !!!
Big sky views. We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful part of UK – with awesome walks from coast to city…

Spring is on the way – Dates for your diary!

The Head Torch Walk this week is on Tuesday at 6.30pm leaving from The Eagle pub on Newmarket Road.
NEW next week – Whitlingham Woodland Walks on Tuesday mornings – where better to appreciate the advent of Spring?
On Saturday 3rd February we will be at High Ash Farm for a fabulous walk, taking us on 4.5 mile adventure across fields and up through woodland. Complimentary Camomile tea on completion of walk! BOOK EARLY TO ENSURE YOUR PLACE!
NEW from 15th February – gentle Well Being Walks in Eaton Park at 1.30pm

All the usual weekly walks are on the website, so you can pick and choose times and places to suit YOU.

Payment Options to save you MONEY:
Walking once a week and paying £6 per walk? Why not pay £24 monthly Direct Debit and choose UNLIMITED walks? Makes booking easier (book online instantly with one click), enables you to save £££ (if you book 2 walks a week, it works out as £3 per walk, if you book 3 walks a week, it works out as £2 per walk!!!) and motivates you to reach your fitness goals.
Pre-paid packages – you can buy a ‘bundle’ of credit which will save you 20% on EVERY regular walk you book on.
Once your Freedom Code is activated, you can go into your online account and pick the payment option of your choice. Any queries, please contact our lovely team at NWUK on 0333 1234540 and they can help you instantly!

Last orders for January Shop n Drop delivery

Bag your poles and accessories by 6pm on Wednesday 31st January so they will be in Norwich by 2nd February and ready for distribution from Saturday.
Remember you can utilise your discount at the NWUK Online Store and buy poles and/or accessories? Not sure which poles to buy? Call our lovely and super-friendly team of experienced Nordic walkers who are at NWUK HQ and have a chat on 0333 1234540.
By using our unique Shop n Drop system you will avoid paying for Postage and Packing and waiting in for a Delivery.
For those still completing your Learn to NW courses, there will be a NEW Shop n Drop date in February too for your diaries.


Use it or lose it! Please remember the offer of FREE walks is limited to one month after you graduate. Plenty to choose from – so let Rebecca know in advance and you will be booked on.

Updated: January 29, 2018 — 10:08 am