HELLO February Half Marathoners,
Great that you are keen to join us on our Norfolk Nordic Walking Winter Challenge!  It’s the perfect way for you to keep moving onward and upward in your fitness journey.  Brisk chilly walks with a goal insight will ward off those winter blues and keep the mince pie bulge at bay.
For those of you not yet signed up to the Positive Steps Half Marathon event on 17th February, pls follow link below.
On the day itself, I will not be leading this walk but taking part as a competitor so you will need to officially enter via their website.  By ‘Booking Activity’  on the Norfolk Nordic Walking website, you will simply receive training updates from us to keep you motivated.  It is not access to the event.
Our last half marathon (22nd September 2018) was a fabulous success.  A total blast!  Everyone trained hard, had great fun and gradually built up to the 13.1 miles from upping their distances on the weekly long distance Saturday walks. 
We will train to walk at approx 3.5 mph and aim to finish in 4 hours.  Anyone looking for a PB can zoom ahead!  Training is vital.  If you are looking to stroll the distance at a more leisurely pace, that is totally up to you too but if you fall behind you will lose the momentum you gain from the group walking together.  Team spirit goes a long way…
Weekly Schedule for Half-Marathon Walk Training – Nov – Feb
Our tips for happiness and success…
  • THREE 3 to 4 mile walks each week. You can mix up the kind of walk you enjoy to build both speed and endurance on these walks. E.g Monday Kickstart / Tuesday Evening Walk / Thursday Step Up at Caistor St Edmund  + THREE days off.  (You can enjoy easy strolls or other gentle fitness activities but nothing too strenuous!)
  • ONE LONG WALK PER WEEK / Saturday: Mileage building day with a long slow distance walk. This is a key part of the training plan as you will be giving your body the distance challenge it needs.
  • You may vary the exact days of the week you do each type of workout – and you may mix up Nordic with non-Nordic walking. You may choose to walk twice with us and twice on your own.  That’s fine!  However we do suggest you always try to join the LONG WALK as that way we can benefit from ‘team spirit’.
  • Our longest training day will be three weeks before the half-marathon, then we begin to taper mileage. Tapering gives your body time to fully develop new muscle and have full energy stores for our half marathon.
Longer walk schedule 
Our half marathon training steadily increases the long distance walk each week  This longer walk builds endurance and the blood supply and energy systems for your muscles.
You also need a long distance walk each week to toughen your feet to prevent blisters and to give you experience in practicing proper hydration and energy snacking during a long walk. It will also develop the mental stamina you will need for an endurance walk.
These walks will usually start at 10am on Saturdays.  On some walks, there will be a shorter and longer option so that non-marathon walkers who want to walk a shorter distance can join us for half the walk and not miss out on Saturday walking.  It is advisable to book up as many of these walks as possible so you have them in your diaries and also so you reserve your place.  (MAXIMUM OF 15 PER WALK – SOME ARE ALREADY NEARLY FULL)
SUNDAY 3rd Marriotts Way Circular Aylsham 4.5 mile Adventure
17th Saxlingham Nethergate – Boudicca Way 5.5 miles
SUNDAY 25th Salthouse Circular 6 miles
1st Guided City Walk (FULLY BOOKED)
8th Heydon Christmas Walk 4 miles (RESERVE LIST)
15th From the Roman Town to High Ash Circular 6 miles
22nd Early Bird Panoramic Norwich Walk 5 miles
29th Coastal Blow Out / Blakeney 4 miler
5th Reedham Ferry Walk 4 / 8 miles
12th Coltishall Steam Trains Loop 6 miles (+4 extra half marathoners = 10 MILES)
19th Eaton Earlham Park to Park 4 / 8 miles
26th Bure Valley Stately Homes Walk 6 / 12 miles
2nd Eaton – Cringleford Byways Walk 3 / 6 miles
9th Whitlingham – Trowse Trails 3 / 6 miles
Believe me, time will fly and before you know it, we will be in 2019!  So now is the time to start thinking about factoring in dates for training.  That way, you will enjoy the experience and have a fab day.
Can’t wait!
See you very soon,
Updated: November 1, 2018 — 3:52 pm