Mid January – how are you feeling?

Mid January and how is everybody feeling?


The festive feasting is at an end and people are now thinking about those zips that don’t quite reach the top and the shirt that doesn’t quite meet for the buttons to hook through the button hole.It’s the start of the New Year and the silly season to binge diet back in to the summer clothes! But stop right there! If you are thinking of the resolutions to kick start your health goals why not think beyond January and make the changes forever. Here’s a thought, “If diets work why do you go on one every year?”


Nordic walking is a sustainable activity. We know you love it as once you try out for your first taster, you come back and join a Learn to Nordic Walk course. It helps burn calories, melt waistlines, improve well being and promote happy positive engagement with friends and family. Combine that with healthier food choices and you have the perfect sustainable “diet “. Food choices shouldn’t be about depriving but about moderation. Think about adding in more fresh fruit, vegetables and natural ingredients. Save yourself money and added pounds by cutting out processed foods and foods with high sugar. Increase the amount of water you drink and reduce the fizzy stuff. Make little changes towards to big differences. Don’t try to adjust everything all at once.



    • It’s a new year, a new start – so let’s make 2018 FANTASTIC…
      Join us Nordic walking and engage 90% of your muscles – 95% if you include talking and laughing! Increase your calorie burn by 45% by adding poles to your walk whilst working your upper and lower body AT THE SAME TIME. Release the endorphins, the body’s own ‘Feel Good’ chemicals and feel the stress dissolve. You’ll gain sparkle and zing and feel, quite simply, brilliant (even in the rain!). January doldrums? No way, Jose!



Keep up to date with our group news on Facebook Norfolk Nordic Walking – it’s your page to catch up on your stories and photos enjoyed on your walks plus health tips, delicious recipes and other Nordic Walking UK News. Do engage and interact with us and share with your friends and family.


January – Nordic Walking Schedule


Once you have your Freedom Passport, let’s get you involved with our walks across Norfolk. There are plenty of walks on offer, in gorgeous areas so start your new year with a plan! It’s easy to wait for the better weather or make excuses to stay indoors but committing to a regular programme is a proven way to stay committed and reap those fitness benefits. Plus, you get to meet new people and feel part of a sociable, outdoor fitness club who thrive on feeling great and having fun.


Time short during the week? How about our Wednesday Night Walk – which starts and ends in the Eagle pub?

Want to test yourself and see improvements? Join us for a monthly Time Trials where you get to compete – against yourself! This is great fun and a definite plus is beating your previous time.


Love those walks which are atmospheric and enchanting? Blickling is a Wednesday weekly winner for those who like to soak up views. (Ask Rebecca about available spaces in her car for a free lift so we can make this an eco-friendlier walk!)


Curious to try out new venues for a walk? How about Catton Park or Caistor St Edmund?These are on our backdoor steps but are like hidden gems.


Love a treat at the end of the walk? We love Muddy Boots Cafe at Blickling, the Eaton Cafe and also Whitlingham Barn Cafe – not to mention the Eagle Pub.


Love a cardio burn and a Gear 3 pace? Kick Start Monday will tick that box or try Tuesday’s Solution to your Resolution!


Enjoy exploring new trails and pathways? Come along for our Saturday Adventure walks and enjoy the ride! Always new routes to follow which will take you by surprise. No map required – just a good pair of sturdy shoes!


Plenty of walks for everyone in various locations and at different times.  Here’s the Jan/Feb Schedule:


9.30am Kick Start Monday! Whitlingham Country Park
11.15am LEARN TO NW taster / course Dussindale Park
12.15pm Lunchtime Livener Dussindale Park
2pm Roaming the Boudicca Way Caistor St Ed Roman Town / High Ash Farm


9.30am LEARN TO NW taster / course Catton Park
10.30am Catton Park Energiser Walk Catton Park
1.15pm ‘Resolution = Solution’ Feel Fit Walk UEA Park
Once a month Norfolk Coastal Path circular walk see website for details


10am Blickling Hall Midweek Boost Blickling Hall + Muddy Boots Cafe
6.30pm Norwich by Head Torch! Start/Finish: Eagle Pub, Newmarket Rd


9.30am FREE NW taster See website for details


9.30am Stepping Back & Up Walk Caistor St Edmund Roman Town
11.30am Feel Fab Friday walk + lunch Eaton & UEA Park + Cafe


10am Adventure Walk!* See website for more details
1pm Learn to NW course See website for location


Sunday 10am UEA Learn to NW (January only)


Once you have your FREEDOM PASSPORT, you can sign up for any walk not just with Norfolk Nordic Walking but nationwide with NWUK. It’s £6 per walk (including all poles too) or just sign up for our monthly direct debit at £24 and join ANY walk ANY time. Convenient and total quality YOU TIME in your busy week.  Remember to claim your FREE walks after you have graduated!


Here’s to a Fantastic start to 2018 and making it happen! Winter miles definitely will mean summer smiles, so wave those passports around and see where the journey takes you!


See you soon!

Updated: January 14, 2018 — 4:32 pm