Hurray!  It’s National Walking Month!

You may not realise it, but May is National Walking Month and now the evenings are lighter for longer, this makes it the perfect time to get outside, and get walking. Walking has a whole host of different health benefits that you can use to motivate you to introduce walking into your daily lives.  We made it through those muddy miles, so now let’s celebrate with sunny smiles…

Walking is good for your heart

Your heart is responsible for pumping the oxygen and blood around your body and keeping all the other organs working. So we think you’ll agree that it’s important to keep it in tip top condition! Walking not only strengthens your heart but reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes. In fact a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day is said to reduce your risk of a stroke by 27%. If this wasn’t enough, it also reduces bad levels of cholesterol and increases the levels of good cholesterol too!

Walking helps you to lose weight

If you are new to exercise, or maybe trying to lose weight gradually in order to keep it off, then walking is a great form of exercise for you. If you walk at around 2mph for 30 minutes then you will burn around 75 calories, and if you increase this to 4mph this will rise to around 150 calories. 20 minutes of walking a day will burn an incredible 7lbs of body fat a year. Nordic walking burns 20 – 40% MORE calories than ordinary walking.

You can lower your risk of dementia

An older person who walks six or more miles a week is less likely to have problems such as dementia. This is because walking has been proven to prevent your brain from shrinking.

Walking gives you energy

There are times when you feel more lethargic than others, and if you find yourself in this zone then a walk could do you good. It boosts your circulation and increases the oxygen supply is around your body, which in turn will keep you feeling alert and awake.

Nordic walking is a full body workout. Many muscles in your body are activated including; calves, glutes, hamstrings, quads and abdominals, so give it a try and give your legs, bums and tum a workout and use 90% of your muscles in ONE go!

Increase your Vitamin D intake

Here in the UK there are lots of people who are deficient in Vitamin D, the best way to increase your levels of Vitamin D is to get outside in the sunshine. Vitamin D is good for your bone health, as well as your immune system, which is why it is important to try and increase the levels in your body.

Walking makes you happy

In the same way walking can help you feel energised, it is also great for making you feel happy. A brisk walk can be just as beneficial as taking an antidepressant, and can be a great helping hand if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or feeling stressed.

Be the solution to your resolution!

These are just some of the reasons why you should try to work in more walking to your daily routine.  At Norfolk Nordic Walking, an hour’s walk soon flies past leaving you with a feel-good buzz that puts a spring in your step for the rest of the day… regardless of what life has to throw at you!  We have walks to suit everyone, from speedy Workout Walks to gentler Wellbeing Walks, longer Adventure Walks to Challenge events such as the North Norfolk Coastal Half Marathon. Even rain does not dampen spirits when you’ve got the poles adding va va voom to every step. So, where will your walks take you this May?  Have a look at the schedule this month and join us!


Come and get involved with our Norfolk Nordic Walking Spring/Summer Challenge!  The event?  The North Norfolk Coastal Half Marathon.  13 uplifting miles along one of Britain’s most beautiful coastal paths, from Burnham Overy Staithe along to Moreston.  The perfect way for you to keep moving onward and upward in your fitness journey.  Each month there will be progressive walks which ‘up the mileage’ and a training programme to follow to keep you on track.  More details found at in last week’s newsletter. Our team is growing!  

Tasters and Learn to Nordic Walk courses 

Nordic Walking is a walking technique that uses poles which has been adapted from cross country skiing. Compared to walking without poles you can burn up to 46% more calories as you also use your upper body to drive you forward. Want to give it a go? We are holding free taster sessions in lots of various locations across the county that last about 45 minutes.  We also run regular Learn to NW courses so you can learn the right  techniques and get the most from your poles. WALK THIS WAY…

More details are available on our website.

Booking through the website it essential:



9.30am Kick Start Monday! Whitlingham Country Park

10.30am Whitlingham Gentle Start! Whitlingham Country Park

12.30pm Lunchtime Livener/Aviva Taster Broadland Business Park 


9.30amINTENSIVE Learn to NW.    UEA / Eaton / Yare Valley

1.30pm     Turn Miles into Smiles Adventure Varied locations nr Norwich 2 HOUR walks

Once a month Norfolk Coastal Circular  See website for details

6.30pm Evening Nordic Walk Cringleford / UEA


10am Blickling Hall Midweek Boost Blickling Hall + Muddy Boots Cafe (optional!)

1pm Aviva FREE Taster Broadland Business Park

2.30pm FREE TASTER session Margaret Harker Hall, Blofield

6.30pm Norwich by Head Torch! Start/Finish: Eagle Pub, Newmarket Rd (Winter)


10am LEARN TO NW taster/course Catton Park

11.30am Well being Gentle MeanderCatton Park

1.30pm Stepping Up (Hills) Caistor St Edmund Roman Town/ High Ash Farm

5.15pmAviva FREE Taster/WorkoutBroadland Business Park


10am LEARN TO NW course Eaton /UEA Park

11am Feel Fit & Fab Friday walk Eaton & UEA Park + Cafe (optional!)


10am Adventure Walk!* (2 hours) See website for more details


10am INTENSIVE Learn to NW course UEA (once a month)

Tues pm / Sat am ADVENTURE WALKS locations vary and include:

High Ash Farm /  Brundall Scenic / New Buckenham / Boudicca’s Way / Sheringham Park / Pulham Market /  Burlingham Woods / Salhouse Circular / Marriott’s Way / Coastal Path / Blakeney to Cley Circular / Ringland Valley / Weybourne – Sheringham / Aylsham Lanes and by-ways / Potter Heigham marshes / Ludham – How Hill / Bure Light Railway / Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood walk / Tas Valley Trail/ Caistor Roman Town / Whitlingham Country Park …… (and many many more!)

“It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.”


Updated: May 4, 2018 — 4:51 pm