As the sun set on 2020, guess what? We were all immersed in (yet another) national lockdown until the end of March. Remember that?  Well sit back, put the kettle on and let us take you on a journey through some of OUR events of last year…


At Norfolk Nordic Walking, lockdowns have NEVER meant STOPdowns.  We kept engaged, motivated, connected AND fit as fiddles through our NNW DOUBLE daily Loftercise ZOOM sessions.  From ‘Go For HiiT’ fast paced weights workouts to Chi Fusion and Tone, Flex and Balance sessions, variety was the spice of life to kickstart the day.  For those who missed the lively banter, chat and laughter from our walks, we also had weekly BLC Club (Book Look Cook) to discuss film/tv/book reviews and who’s cooking what, to the fun weekly ‘More or Less’  Quiz where questions like “Does a pint of Heineken have MORE or LESS calories than a McDonald’s Cheeseburger?”  got us pondering on the lighter side of life!  

It was good to stay connected through those wintery months…


Over the first 10 weeks of 2021, we also embarked on our third NNW LOCKDOWN WALKING CHALLENGE. This time to see if we could all clock up enough solo walking miles to total a trip to go from Panama, down through Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina and end our journey in Buenos Aires. Would we make it? In TOTAL 9083 walking miles were sent in week on week by us all. Suffice to say, we smashed our goal. AGAIN!!!



Hurray! We were allowed to group walk again!  New routes were recce-ed with the ever-fabulous Team NNW – Becky, John and Lynne – making sure they were Covid safe for (small) groups.  It was MAGIC to get out there once more – offering variety, challenge, new vistas and much needed catch ups. With 16 walks on offer each week we were once more busy with a varied Weekly Schedule BUT due to popular demand kept TWO weekly Zoom Workouts going too. (These continue to this day.)

SUMMERTIME and having a coffee after walks was once more allowed!  Wooo.  The Car Boot Cafe really came into its own – a great way to have a post walk social with exactly the food and drink you like!!!! Morston Quay was a particularly memorable venue for a Car Boot Picnic after a fantastic 5 miler up through Blakeney Downs. Fields were resplendent in yellows, pinks and golds, there were views for miles from the coast to far inland beyond Langham and it was simply another of those FABULOUS Saturdays…

WEEKEND WALKS are what we call our Saturday Specials. As always, we love finding new routes and exploring new parts of our wonderful county.  Dead Man’s Gully,  Come Fly with Me @ Spixworth, Gressenhall,  Kett’s Heights, John’s City Tour, Marsham Heath, Wensum Way, Bowthorpe Marshes, Potter Heigham and the NORTH NORFOLK Coast were just some of the locations where we have walked in 2021.

SMALL STEPS = BIG ACORNS!!!  We always like to strive for new goals at Norfolk Nordic Walking.  Small steps can turn into big goals so we offer a fabulous weekly variety of different paced/distance walks to keep your fitness journey moving forward. Our aim is to turn your walk into a workout, burn some extra calories, use 90% of your muscles and give you that Nordic Buzz after each session!  PLUS, share fun, friendship and laughter along the way. Never a dull moment when you’re Nordic Walking…

In May a team of us took part in the POSITIVE STEPS annual 18 Mile Bury – Clare Challenge.  Mostly on track and trail, this route was a winner.  Along with 300 other trail runners and walkers, we were not alone. Nothing like training up as a team and working towards a goal. 

There’s definitely a GROWING BUZZ about what fabulous exercise Nordic Walking is.  In the Autumn, I was invited onto the BBC Norfolk Breakfast Show to discuss it’s many benefits – how much info can you fit into a 5 minute slot?  

THE NORDIC BUG!  Over the year we have welcomed new groups of Nordic Walkers to our lively and VERY friendly community. It’s great to see people joining our popular Two  Hour Learn to Nordic Walk courses and then seeing them ‘ get the Nordic bug‘.

CHANGING SEASONS  Autumn and Winter bring their own different challenges, but we are never deterred from getting out there regardless of the weather.  In fact we have a NNW Mantra to ‘Be Bold, Start Cold’ before those chillier sessions as once you get moving, you sure get warm.  (Not everyone is such a keen advocate of this though!) That along with good waterproofs (I’m a HUGE fan of waterproof socks) plus that Nordic ‘Can Do’ attitude that bonds us together when we are in the pouring rain getting ready for the warm up…



And so to the end of the year. Christmas is always a key event in our Norfolk Nordic Walking calendar – however this year with the spread of Omicron, we celebrated in true Nordic style, by keeping all our social events OUTSIDE!  Lunch for 27 at the Bucks Arms – outside. Winter Solstice and Mince Pie Walk.
Mulled Wine & Nibbles after our Twinkling Lights Walk.

 And not forgetting our annual True or False Festive Quiz – this was NOT outside as it was via Zoom. Congrats to Linda Davis for taking the title this year!

So, looking forward into 2022, we have LOTS of new adventures lined up.

Thanks to you all for another WONDERFUL YEAR of walking, talking and sharing but especially to the NNW Walk Leaders, Becky, Lynne and John who truly are **FAB** to have on the team.

Cannot wait to find out what this year has in store for us all. It’s going to be good….

A very happy and healthy 2022 to you all.


Rebecca X













Updated: January 15, 2022 — 3:54 pm