Important message about GDPR, or  General Data Protection Regulation, and how it affects your Nordic Walking membership with us.

In December 2015 the long process of agreeing a new set of legislation designed to reform the legal framework for ensuring the rights of EU residents to a private life was completed. This was ratified in early 2016 and becomes widely enforceable on the 25th May 2018.

NWUK and all instructors are part of the process to ensure we are all compliant with the legislation (see foot note for EU directive). NWUK will contact you directly regarding your membership and how data is stored, separately. This newsletter is how Norfolk Nordic Walking are keeping you safe.


When you joined us through Nordic Walking UK, we used your email account to subscribe to our newsletter.  We avoid spamming your inbox by just sending a weekly newsletter and an occasional email relevant to your membership, like this one. You can unsubscribe at any time.

You may be aware of the change in privacy laws with the request to update email and personal data information. NWUK are working on our behalf to ensure your data is safe and secure.  The data supplied to NWUK held on the Exercise Anywhere account is also used for our Customer Relations Management system; it’s how we keep in touch with Nordic walking related news. For transparency we are declaring this so you understand how we positively build your membership experience.

We value you AND the integrity of your data stored. It will never passed on to any 3rd party.

You do not need to do anything but if you would prefer to NOT receive any more of our emails you can easily unsubscribe from this list and choose ‘Opt in/out’ on your Exercise Anywhere account.  But hopefully, you are happy to still hear from us.

We also love to take photos on our walks and share those on social media. We usually ask if that’s ok and give the opportunity for those who do not wish to be in the photo to move aside. We do not tag people or name them in the photos but don’t mind if you do that. We love that you want your friends and family to see how much fun you are having exercising! You also inspire many others to come forward and try out Nordic walking. But again, we respect the wishes of those who wish to remain behind the scenes.

Our priority is to stay compliant, act responsibly and be professional at all times.

Please advise us  if you believe we have not honoured that.

You can learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation here.

Updated: May 25, 2018 — 1:52 pm