Kickstart Monday – Workout walk!

It’s always a pleasure in these gorgeous Spring months to get out and about and ‘soak up’ some Vitamin D. This walk is at a brisk pace using mainly Gear 2 and 3, with Gear 4 benefits too, ensuring you are getting the most from your workout. Some good hills for exertion – optional – but excellent if you are looking for a Monday livener to kick-start your week, plus a great cafe for a caffeine boost at the end of the walk!

12.15pm Dussindale Lunchtime Livener

Stride out in Dussindale Park and enjoy fresh air, fun and exercise in Gear 2 with optional Gear 3 intervals, which are fantastic for improving fitness. Walk at your own pace in a friendly group to achieve your fitness goals and build strength & stamina. An hour flies by and it’s guaranteed,  you will feel energised whatever the weather…


1.30pm Tuesday Adventure Walk – 1.5 HOUR Gear 2 WALK

These will usually be within a 5 mile radius of Norwich and give you an opportunity for a longer walk in places like High Ash Farm, the Yare Valley, UEA, Park to Park, Whitlingham Country Park, Burlingham Woods and once a month, over on the Coastal Path.

This week we will set off across the Yare Valley and head towards Keswick.  The walk will then bring us through Cringleford and up towards the UEA before bringing us back to Eaton village next to the wonderful donkey grazing meadows.  


10am Walk in the ‘footsteps’ of Anne Boleyn at Blickling

Stunning scenery, historical connections, gorgeous architecture, well manicured gardens, rolling parkland, turrets, lakeside views, gnarled woodlands, a sense of timelessness… and a well deserved coffee and scone at the end in the Muddy Boots Cafe – What could be better?  This is a 3.5 mile walk and yet suitable for all abilities as there are opportunities for those who want a challenge to get up to Gear 3 and add in extra distance if they choose…

1.30pm Eaton Wellbeing Gear 1 Springtime Walk 

A gentle safe way to walk yourself fitter and relish being outside in ever-glorious Spring!  Birds in the sky, flowers in abundance, and the fresh air feeling which is such a tonic whilst exercising!

These walks include exercises that help with flexibility, balance and strength whilst using poles to improve general fitness and increase joint mobility. Suitable for those who want to build up to the longer or more vigorous walks or may have concerns about their health.


11.30am Catton Park Wellbeing Gear 1 Feel Good Walk

Catton Park is a hidden gem in Norwich.  A great place for a Feel Good walk, at a pace to suit YOU!  Soak it up and enjoy being in the Great Outdoors with wonderful views of the old hall…  Throw in some horticulturalists into the group and the walk then takes on new life, plus who can spot the cathedral’s spire?  Join us and find out…

1.45pm Stepping up (hills) and back (in time) at Caistor St Edmund

This is such a great place for a cardio/workout Nordic walk! There are amazing views from Boudicca’s Way over High Ash Farm and beyond towards Norwich. All walks are on wide grass tracks that are specifically designed for side by side walking, an added bonus as we love to walk and chat! This is a great Gear 2/3 walk with a choice of undulating tracks and paths leading us up around the site and back.  Hills add that extra zing!


11am. Feel Fit and Fab Friday Walk + Lunch!

These fun one hour walks are designed to boost fitness in a sociable crowd with gorgeous views of the UEA Broad and woods.  A great way to feel fantastic on a Friday, followed by delicious treats (optional of course!) in the Eaton Park Cafe…. What’s not to like?


Adventure Walks – 2 + hours

Simply enjoy sociable Nordic walking in stunning locations with amazing views and get the ‘feel-good’ factor from the poles!  These are the walks that will take you to new places, on your doorstep, that you did not know existed in Norfolk. Adventure Walks offer an opportunity to use Nordic Walking as a means of enjoying the landscape while walking in a social context. We cover longer distances on mixed terrain, so you achieve a workout simply by  completing the walk!


Once your FREEDOM code is activated, you are able to book any walks via the EXERCISE ANYWHERE portal.  (This not only includes local Norfolk Nordic Walking activities, but also with other NWUK groups.)

Pay & Play

This option provides the flexibility for you to pay for your classes as you go.  £6 / £7.50

Pre-Payment Package

Gives you discounted rates on your regular classes and walks and freedom to set up pre-paid credit bundles.

Monthly All Inclusive 

Participate in unlimited classes and walks each month.  Simply click’n’book.  Also provides 20% discount with other participating NWUK instructors across UK PLUS one FREE walk with another participating group per month.  £24

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