It’s fabulous and so much fun. I can highly recommend Rebecca as an instructor as she is so enthusiastic and encouraging. I can’t wait to do some more regular weekly walks especially the head torch walks.

— J M

Fantastic....expected it to be good but it surpassed expectations! We are hooked!!!

— Sally Hirst

Nordic Walking is so much fun and feels like great exercise. Rebecca made it feel very easy to learn and enjoy, thank you!

— Jay Moore

What a fantastic experience?! Can't wait for our lesson next week. Thank you so much Rebecca - you're a wonderful instructor!!

— Karen M

A brilliant new activity to get to grips with made easy by the great company of a super group of people and the fantastic, humorous leadership of Rebecca! Looking forward to learning more on the learn to Nordic Walk course.

— Christina

Take a look at Norfolk Nordic walking . Rebecca is the leader. Yesterday was a free 45 minute taster session. We have signed up to another 3hrs of paid tuition over the next few weeks. I walk to work ,20 minute fast walk. I can feel the work out!!! We loved it,and hope to redo the benefits. Take a look, maybe both of you and see you

— LMcM

Just back from a brilliant"taster"walk with Rebecca. It was great fun, lovely group, with a more to come. We are signing up. Marvelous way to exercise, get some fresh air and meet new people. See you soon

— Lynette

Rebecca's amazing tuition and friendly fun style opened my eyes to the benefits of Nordic walking.  

— Louis Quail

Thank you so much for your brilliant tuition and support!

— James

I thought I'd give Nordic Walking a try and I'm pleasantly surprised. It moves a gentle walk into an excellent workout, particularly for core fitness and the upper body. I hadn't realised how the introduction of two poles could make all that difference. Rebecca Wheatley is an excellent instructor; knowledgeable, encouraging and good fun. She will tell you how to perfect the technique to get the greatest benefit - and she provides the poles! We kept it at 'First gear', which was enough for me to start off with. Light enough to maintain a conversation and hard enough to feel like I'd worked out. In time and with more practice, I can move it to Fourth Gear if I want. Next step is to take the Beginners lessons and then take part in the many walks that Rebecca leads in the beautiful Norfolk Countryside. Try it - it's a brilliant way to exercise your whole body.

— Andrea

"We went out with Rebecca for what we thought would be a stroll through Wooton but soon realised we were in for a workout.  I was ready for a sit down after the warm up, but Rebecca's enthusiasm and energy was infectious.  It's certainly more invigorating than an ordinary walk, and good fun too. We were amazed that there are 'gears' when learning the NW technique, but after our second and third session, this all made sense.  We will definitely be buying our own poles..."

— Lottie

"I seriously thought Nordic Walking would be, quite literally, a walk in the park with some sticks.  I was astounded after my first session with Rebecca as firstly, it was exhilirating and secondly, it worked muscles I never knew existed.  I felt the results next day and couldn't wait to get back out with the poles.  Rebecca made it really fun and it was the quickest hour of exercise ever.  I liked the reward of tea afterwards too!"

— Ali